Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Pasco-Hernando State College

Our brand is our culture, principles, reputation, and the stories we tell to influence opinions. We all deliver a brand experience to our community through our interactions with others; through customer service, advertising, marketing, public relations, and our visual identity. By sharing information and stories about the College with our community, and being consistent with our messaging, we encourage quick recognition and build our reputation.

What is a brand?

When you say “brand,” logos, colors, or fonts come to mind. But a brand is much more – it’s an entire structure, the images, messaging, and way of thinking. It’s about style and consistency. Brand consistency among all campuses/ locations, divisions, departments and teams at PHSC ensures a solid image and solidifies name recognition to our community.

There are many ways to define a brand. The Dictionary of Brand defines brand as “a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organization.” According to higher education brand consulting firm mStoner, “A brand is what you stand for in the minds of the people you are trying to reach, influence, or move to action.” Essentially, it is how our prospective students, parents, donors, and the community view our College – it is who they think we are; it is our culture; it is our personality.


Our Voice

Our Voice

PHSC believes in the power of education. Committed to an open door policy, the College supports the pursuit of knowledge and provides accessible and affordable opportunities for all students to reach academic and career goals.

The College embraces diversity and values the contributions of our students, faculty and staff and the unique communities within our district. Embracing a student-centered environment lies at the heart of our mission.

Through continuous assessment, self-evaluation, and improvement, PHSC encourages the participation of the College community in the development of a shared vision.

We believe all students, faculty, staff, district residents and community leaders, through meaningful discourse, can make significant contributions toward the attainment of PHSC's goals and the future advancement of the College.

Telling our Story

Telling our Story

The PHSC Brand Promise

PHSC will inspire engagement and motivate students to reach their potential through affordable and quality higher education programs.

Brand Personality

  • Encouraging
  • Progressive
  • Non-judgmental
  • Authentic
  • Optimistic
  • Caring
  • Engaging

Our stories are told everyday by students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members. It is our job as marketing professionals to share those stories with everyone, so that we may inspire and encourage our future students to enroll, our current students to stay the course because it is worth it, and our community to see the valuable role PHSC plays in serving our two-county district.